Dream Big

I’ve been struggling on and off the past few years to edit through my novel and get it ready in attempts to reveal it to the world. Most of my barriers have been physical: working, spending quality time with my son who doesn’t nap, having any alone time to focus. Really, it has all been a time issue. I am done letting these barriers stand in the way. There are no more excuses, there is only a goal to achieve. The wind blows hard and I will face it head on instead of letting it push me from behind.

Here is one of my favorite quotes, that has and will keep me from moving forward.



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Scribbling and Scrawling

My name is Stef and I have been scribbling and scrawling since the fresh age of 6. My passion for writing started with my debut novel “Snow Day” in the second grade and the jaw-dropping, titillating published junior high gossip magazine, The Sixth Grade Intruder. I’ve grown and developed over the years to become a multifaceted, versatile writer, covering everything from technical white papers, to event marketing, to company newsletters, to blogging, to professional website content, just to name a few.

I’m working on my first attempts at Young Adult novel as well as keeping myself busy freelance writing for various forms of companies across the country. I co-founded and contribute to the Milwaukee home arts blog Haute Apple Pie. I’m an avid reader which I believe makes me a well-rounded writer. I’m also a wife and mom, at-home chef, budding gardener, party stylist, Chicago sports fan, crossword puzzle fanatic, Oscar movie snob, athlete at heart, amateur photographer and singer.

For as extroverted as I can be, few things make me happier than sitting down in a quiet room and writing. I’m always looking for another creative escape and seem to find them around every twist and turn.

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