Scribbling and Scrawling

My name is Stef and I have been scribbling and scrawling since the fresh age of 6. My passion for writing started with my debut novel “Snow Day” in the second grade and the jaw-dropping, titillating published junior high gossip magazine, The Sixth Grade Intruder. I’ve grown and developed over the years to become a multifaceted, versatile writer, covering everything from technical white papers, to event marketing, to company newsletters, to blogging, to professional website content, just to name a few.

I’m working on my first attempts at Young Adult novel as well as keeping myself busy freelance writing for various forms of companies across the country. I co-founded and contribute to the Milwaukee home arts blog Haute Apple Pie. I’m an avid reader which I believe makes me a well-rounded writer. I’m also a wife and mom, at-home chef, budding gardener, party stylist, Chicago sports fan, crossword puzzle fanatic, Oscar movie snob, athlete at heart, amateur photographer and singer.

For as extroverted as I can be, few things make me happier than sitting down in a quiet room and writing. I’m always looking for another creative escape and seem to find them around every twist and turn.


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